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Posted by Victoria Collins on February 01, 2003 at 1:50:18:

In Reply to: The UN Heart Centre of the World posted by Rosemary on December 19, 2001 at 11:26:15:


I just read your lovely thoughts and vision
regarding your experience and vision.
What a powerful vision you received. Thank you for sharing it. I will
join you from time to time including this
vision in my own meditations.

I would also like to share with you a message
I received from spirit:
Please join us. This activity is both personally and globally empowering.


I AM a Peacemaker.
I AM strong, and courageous.
I AM a chooser.
I VOICE this truth and WILL be heard.
I KNOW the precious value of peace,
And I CHOOSE non violent resolution.
I DECLARE it in my heart and soul.
World HEAR and HEED my declaration!

I hereby ALIGN my purpose with the grandest power,
that of the CREATOR of Infinite Love, Caring, Compassion,
Wisdom and Peace. I ALIGN with all peace emissaries.
I RESPECT and HONOR each human being's INALIENABLE
And IRREVOKABLE right to freedom -- with harm to none.
I AM GRATEFUL for all who seek and DECLARE
a MIRACLE of Peace today.

And, with us ALL.

Please print this declaration. Say it as often as you can.
Be aware that there will be MANY speaking it, meditating upon it, and
exploring the deep meaning of this individual statement.
Add your powerful voice to theirs.

Send this declaration to your group of "spiritual activists". The swiftness of the internet can allow us to VOICE this declaration around the world. The number of times spoken, and the number of individuals joining in , and the conviction with which it is spoken will greatly increase the power of this activity. If you speak a second language, please translate it, and send it to friends in another part of the world.
Give Voice to your conviction,
BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE, This is no time to remain silent.

Victoria Collins, Director
Malibu, California

Rosemary, Please feel free to pass this along
if you wish.

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