Implementing the Four Freedoms on a planetary scale

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Posted by Charlotte R. Shapiro on March 17, 2002 at 10:08:18:

Implementation? What a novel idea. You, our global citizenry who regularly visit this website, should not only be shamed and appalled by the very fact that implementation of freedoms is a necessary idea, you should vigilantly be mobilizing and building the foundations for freedoms right where you live and work. THAT, my erudite colleagues, is NOT the existing reality!

The first problem with implementation is roadblock attitudes. Let someone else get the job done. "They" should be more responsible, held accountable! Hrumphhh! I don't have time. My life is too busy with more important things to do. What can one person do? I have a family to tend. It's not my kind of thing. Besides, I meditate. I pray, and that is the best kind of help. (Did you ever LISTEN to your inner promptings and guidance? Prayer and meditation are 2-way communications!) Roadblock attitudes.

Only a massive death crisis draws a crowd of helpers. NOW. We sing and rave and laud and applaud ourselves silly at our once (and future) heroic performances at the scene. We collectively pray ourselves sentimentally stupified during a "respectable" period of mourning. O my! Are we not the best, most perfect and good? And then, we return. We return to our very important daily routines and resume business as usual. Please. Heaven help us do business as usual. Nothing changes. Who goes to the prevention side of the causes of problems and works? We would rather waste not one precious step on the daily treadmill, so we make more excuses for ourselves not acting to improve human conditions.

Implementation? The second problem is education. Let us define EDUCATION as hard-won, self-experiential, self-tested, practically applied learning, and not the academia and scholasticism that require no real tests on the accuracy of information, or demand practical uses for it.

The FOUR FREEDOMS cannot be implemented without a solidly established, maintained and VIGILANTLY sustained basic, rudimentary values foundation holding sway over and conditioning the human race. Such foundation must be a basic civility code. Never mind love. We humans need civilizing! This requires nothing more than the inculcation of the "Golden Rule". Children, at a very early age, must be civilized and then, they must be taught, educated really, to serve Community, serve the greater Common Good.

The planetary problem of implementing the Four Freedoms is so simple. EDUCATE every child with "The Golden Rule" in every generation. Become VIGILANT about establing this basic education systemically on a planetary scale. It must become an integral part of OUR collective everyday living. Such education must reach every child, including every adult "child". This means YOU and YOU and YOU DO IT! You have a human duty and responsibility for sustaining this BASIC comportment in yourself and seeing to it with every child. The race will never have freedom if you do not see this as your own duty.

Implementation of the Four Freedoms? The third problem is blindness. Blindness is the overwhelming prevailing condition of the masses. Restoring sight requires bulding a bridge in mental substance that connects the human with the Cosmic Heart, Light of the unified field of consciousness. This topic requires far more than simple comments (and all regular visitors to this website know that "rainbow bridge" goal!). Many also know the PROCESS of bridge building, meaning these knowers have even greater duties and responsibilities to fulfill.

Natural law of Knowing, dear colleagues, confers greater whole duty and SELF-RESPONSIBILITES. Today, there are millions who know! Sad to say, YOU are the one for whom you wait. Sad because the world still cries for help and waits. How dare "we" arrogantly speak about implementing freedoms, then sanctimoniously talk and do nothing to change and improve life? This is criminal. Take the real criminals to court.

Meanwhile, solving the problem of IMPLEMENTING the Four Freedoms on a planetary scale? Leave it for "The Little Red Hen". Let her do it by herself. (Who will help?)

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