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Posted by James M Nordlund on February 04, 2002 at 7:11:59:


Their innerselves, stretched canvasses
On that frameless frame, the world.
They being painted by life itself,
With reality as the brush.
The painting ever evolving,
The frame continually changing,
Their beingness as gleaned meanings
For all to share; seen through,
If they were there.


Addressing, not addressing them has a cost,
One is individual, the other is global.


An artist isn't one who creates art,
For, all living beings do.
Palate, as you'd have it, sparce or
Abundantly, an expression of self.
The mystery of the suns grace,
Perceived by us within our eye as
An ethereal rainbow in kaleidoscope,
Always unfolding, is dabbed from and
Given to form; with reality,
The brush, holding us.
Betwixt those two we, being life, art,
Fill, and are fuller, still.
Not grasp or let go, it's all we know,
Feeling's reeling in living art.

"Take Me There"

Not separated from the state, mammon directs mollock to ride ripshod over
Replacing business with warocide, humaneness with premeditated murder.
Packaged and marketed in everything and one, it's the extinction incarnate,
Alival undone. While the gov't's depts. of not knowing determine no one
Millenias of folk wisdom sociologically muted, will soon be genetically
engineered out.
How, through la machines scientisms use of emotional de-constructivism,
numbing all.
To undermine the evolution, all real feeling, relation, striving, fidelity,
fraternity and love.
Arthur Miller knew, "when guns go boom arts die". What do Goya's 82, on
war, do for

You? This while, "art is a lie that tells the truth", according to Picasso.
Yet, scientism, This secular societies religion of choice, is so popular
that neither its lies, nor its Unmentioned truth, are allowed to be known;
"we", must just swallow it whole.
Though, while its an accepted medium of defraction, realities light
refracted through it,
Still details what's so, without. The cost of our co-dependence on, denial
of it?
They used to say, "war's good business, invest your son", now, the price is
your species.

What won't societies whorism, vampirism, economic cannibalism destroy, only
The life, for, it's indivisible. Viva la evolution! How about the
That are meant to protect? "Naught, but, rags on the back of our country",
Mark Twain.
What can we do? Know all gov't scientists are political ones first.
Question supposed Professionalism and one of its roots, Cartesian defined
time; devolution in a package. That gov't panacea for dehumanization is
old. Do you remember Rousseau said,
"Where are the citizens, I only see businessmen". Question unnatural

Know, as Howard Zinn, "media, artists are determining people get in line
around the Perimeter of gov't power, yet, it's their job to transcend that"
. Remember I.F. Stone's Two words, "gov'ts lie". Think out of the ass. As
artists, how else can we address the Elements of war, by the struggling with
supposed paradoxes as actuating artistic process, Individuation, through
creation of art. The artist transcends mundane and worldly Society, by
envisioning perspectives, subjects, mediums, styles, outside their
framework, Allows a looking glass in which the world, individual, and
reality are reflected.

The devolutionary mantra, "you've got to be professional", is the most
repetitive of their Codes. That's all it takes for people to justify, self
censor, limit, not question, allowing all Other, their piece of the rock
too; everyone in for a penny, in for a pound, decay bound.
Yet, it's necessary for artists to inspire paradigms in which others can
struggle with Societies mechanistic mold of professional; worn like a mask,
whatever, is done behind it. Thereby, facilitating feeling, views,
discernments and questioning of exigencies, et al.
Keep in mind Mark Twain's, "patriotism is loyalty to country, not its
Emma Goldman's, "... is love of country, not gov't", and Arthur Miller's,
"... is Indifferently bestowing custody of their country to state depts.".
Dumbing down most.

One of wars elements is one of the corporation's convolution's roots, greed.
It has always Fueled their use of the gov't as a bat against the middle
class and lower, indigenous, etc.
Whereas, "we", struggling to be, wouldn't even bat an eye in the direction
of destruction. As ever, souls simmering in humanities hearth, spirits
arising, can mean enough for all.
The war machines oiling itself with non, white, Christian, U.S. blood
Proving absolute power corrupts absolutely and what Joseph Heller said, "war
corrupts all Who engage in it". Leonard Peltier reminds us that "the
innocent pay the highest price for Injustice", and "the corrupt hate them".
What else can we all do, not be a link in the chain
Of murder, actuate potential, own responsibilities, including civic, and
teach anyone.
If you don't exercise responsibility, its siamese sister, freedom, will
wither, as well. Berrigan wrote, "cause is the heart's beat, the children
born, the risen bread".
Peltier, "we're all related, all one". As Bob Marley sung, "could you
be..., then be...".

Copy, share as you will. Enjoy your eve' as you can.

reality (aja) :)

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