The UN Heart Centre of the World

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Posted by Rosemary on December 19, 2001 at 11:26:15:


The UN, Heart Centre of the World.

I had an image of the great ironstone block in the meditation room at the UN. It was standing there peaceful, still and cold when suddenly the Christ
was standing beside it.

He reached out and put His hand onto the stone, and straight away the stone softened, pulsed and began to beat like a heart, and arteries and veins spread out from it to the whole world with the new energies of Love and Oneness.

I now use this image in my meditations for the work of the UN, realising that the UN is the key to world unity and that it must find a new and blessed empowerment that has nothing to do with force, but with the sharing of the wisdom and love of our common humanity.

With blessings


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