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Posted by Gudrun Weber on December 04, 2001 at 18:14:09:

The question of the Four Freedoms is very much related to the state of individual consciousness, to a growing awareness of and identification with spiritual reality underlying the material world. It is from this that freedom is derived and to the degree that we become free individually, we recognize the right to freedom for others. This I have observed over and over again. As inner freedom unfolds, the need for control diminishes and the world around is seen in a different
light. In this light the beauty and majesty of the
creative processes emerge where all lives play their
part - - all, not just human beings; it is a light which reveals our interdependence and
interconnectedness; a light which teaches the meaning
of unsentimental, all-inclusive love.

Love, it is said, will set us free. It opens our eyes to the immense evolutionary panorama where relationships to fellow human beings and the planetary life as a whole are known and felt and science and spiritual teachings come together.

In the age of globalization and from a practical aspect, the question of the Four Freedoms concerns us all and is not just an esoteric or intellectual excercise. For as long as people live in fear and even terror; as long as basic human needs such as the need for food, shelter, healthcare, education or personal safety are not met; as long the different cultural requirements are not recognized and respected; as long as justice is narrowly definded and tinged with revenge and retribution freedom cannot take hold. While divisive concepts such as persist and there is no sharing of wealth peace will elude us and suffering continue.

To be free, then, means to allow and help others, within the framework of a global community, to create their life as they see fit so that a world may emerge where such concepts as vs. have been submerged within the larger Whole.

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