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Posted by Ayman Jallad on November 29, 2001 at 5:11:56:

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you some thoughts on the effectiveness of the work of NGOs and how we can improve it.

We have seen some excellent work done by civil society, NGOs, groups all over the world, I see them as the consciousness of the planet. Now, is it enough that they be just that? or could they be more?

It seems that they need to be more, they should be the AGENT FORCING CHANGE, as we notice the accelerating detrimental effects of corporate globalization on democracy, poverty, environment,.... in fact the quality of life altogether. I see their action is still, shy, not as powerful as it should be, in view of the urgency of the situation.

The purpose of this email is to gather views and ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of NGOs world wide and make them become a leverage voice in the political scene that can not be ignored.

We notice that some drastic changes should happen before the world is put on the right track for a sustainable future, one of the things is changing the consumption pattern of people. we cannot survive long continuing in the way we consume.

Also we cannot survive long with humanity increasing the way it is.

These are just a few essential items, that NGOs and civil society can work successfully on.

So the question is what can give a boost to the work of NGOs and civil society??

Send them BY EMAIL to: HGSD,Humanitarian Group For Social Development, Lebanon at the following address:
or by mail to: Po Box: 110208. Beirut

A few ideas in that direction:

A dedicated TV (satellite) channel run by NGOs that would broadcast unbiased programs. And some REAL NEWS.

Ways to increase the reach of NGOs at GRASS ROOT LEVEL, COUNCILS LEVEL, POLITICAL LEVEL. thru NGOs pooling resources and creating CONTINUOUS meetings and discussion groups, teach ins...etc in schools,universities,unions,clubs, ...etc

Force the governments(by non violent means) to enter into a discussion on its policies on: globalization, privatization, debt relief to poor countries, aid to poor countries....)

Use the law to enforce democracy, whenever, a politician, or a Trans National Co, is breaking the law in any way a court case is instigated.

Work with governments and political parties in developing countries so they are enlightened on matters of international laws (wto,imf.wb) that will work against them.

We would like to hear more ideas about the subject so please spread out this email to all the people u have on your list , and we hope that by the end of the year we would have received some good ones we can cooperate to realize together.

Best regards,
Ayman Jallad

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