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Posted by Ariel Ky on November 20, 2001 at 11:03:32:

I am new to this discussion. Yes, we want to be free from fear and we can start in many ways by not giving our energy to thoughts and attitudes based on fear. But don't you have to move into a higher vibration of love and a sense of oneness to move out of fear? Fear is primarily an emotion, although certainly it is fed into by thought processes. On our own, we have great difficulty shifting out of fear. We have only to call on our spiritual guides and teachers, though, to give us courage and assist us in changing the energy of fear.

That said, there is more that I want to say about the United Nations' role in the world at this time. The right wing that has illegally seized power in the U.S. today have turned this country into a rogue nation. From my point of view, there has been a dangerous coup d'etat that has stolen this country from the people who are its citizens and is wreaking havoc in the world at large to further the profits of oil companies and arms manufacturers and increase the power of the wealthy and corrupt of this world to control everyone else.

I declare the current actions of those in power in the U.S. a threat to the future of humanity on this planet.

What's to be done? First of all, the United Nations must move its physical location away from New York, out of the United States completely. Only then will all the other countries in the world have any freedom to check this rogue country.

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