The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

Virgo Meeting, August 31, 2001

Freedom From Want

Welcome. Those of you who regularly join us in this meditative work and endeavour, know that the "Liberation of Humanity" can only occur as each of us, one by one, recognize our spiritual heritage and learn how to manifest our spiritual essence in the day-to-day life. In spite of the many obstacles and the many forces that would indicate otherwise, we know that we must LIVE the spiritual principles of which we are aware-in our daily lives.

Each week, every Friday, when we sit down to meditatively think through the meditation form we will soon be using, we focus on the spiritual energies ever present on our planet, waiting only to be recognized and expressed. We attempt to lift our focus, our thoughts, to a state of consciousness that is more pure, more inclusive and more expressive of love and light than is our ordinary day-to-day consciousness. By doing so, we cooperate with those great Beings who watch over and guide our human and planetary evolution. Depending on the purity of our intention and our abilities, we identify with the "Divine Stream of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good" ever pouring down or ever available on our planet. We become a part of a higher state of consciousness.

Thus, our consciousness slowly expands and atom by atom, as it were, we add light to both our personal and the planetary matter in which we find ourselves. Thus, we transform ourselves and our environment.

When we come together for group meditation, our abilities to reach a higher state of consciousness are multiplied. We encourage and inspire each other. We multiply our abilities-for our own spiritual good and for the Common Good. The Great and Wise Teachers of Humanity have always held out the vision of a more sane way of life than we now experience, referring to the Good, the True and The Beautiful, that is always available to those who "have the eyes to see."

If the United Nations were successful in meeting its objectives and goals, our planetary society would be free from fear and want. It would be free to express the higher truths and to express a higher state of consciousness. In short, we would be more able to express the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

Our focus tonight is on Freedom From Want and we are pleased to welcome Lynne Murguia of Lend International who will update us on the upcoming UN Conference, entitled Finance for Development.

Before turning the program over to Lynne, I want to mention the UN Conference on Racism in South Africa that most of us know began today. And I would like to suggest that we also hold that work in mind as we go into meditation. We will feature that work in an upcoming meeting.

Freedom From Want: Financing and the United Nations[1]
By Lynne Murguia[2]

Any discussion of the United Nations, especially in esoteric circles, is enhanced by recognition of the spiritual qualities and skills of the Secretary-General at its helm. The rapidity and unanimity with which Kofi Annan was reelected Secretary General only one day following His nomination by the Security Council, speaks, indeed, to the growing perceptivity of world governments (unconscious though it may be for most). This gives hope and direction -- a direction to which Kofi Annan has begun, and will continue, to point the way. Many have criticized His initiation of Partnerships with the private sector as 'catering to big business'. But we who are aware of the Aquarian principle of 'synthesis' realize that His motivation is based on teachings yet to be perceived by the majority of mankind. Synthesis must begin somewhere and it is obvious to esotericists that it is the initial, if unconscious, basis for globalization.

There can be no denial that the initial result of this new paradigm is devastating to much of mankind. The Tibetan would probably explain this as a 'temporary situation'. And those of us who have worked with the United Nations are aware of the many efforts currently in process to address this endemic problem; endemic because most of the rich and powerful do not yet realize the responsibility of stewardship inherent in their resources. They are not yet in touch with their souls. Efforts have been made. United Nations conferences have been held. I recently attended the 3rd United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries in Brussels. The fact that there have been three, speaks for itself. Were there implementation of the first -- or even the second -- there would be no need of a third. And the story is the same each time. A document, commitments -- but no implementation. --- Why? Lack of financing!

But let's look at the possibilities -- because 'energy follows thought'. There have been many innovations and initiatives -- of which a single one, fully financed, would lift millions out of poverty -- not only monetarily but technologically and educationally, as well. Among the credible innovations are:

  1. Micro-credit - the non-collateral lending of such small amounts as U.S. $60 for the initiation of cottage industries by the poorest-of-the-poor. (implemented worldwide)
  2. Partnerships - between and among national governments, local governments, the private sector, NGOs, community-based organizations and the United Nations. (limited implementation)
  3. The Peace Dividend - proposal regarding the redirecting of military budgets to development (not implemented)
  4. The Tobin Tax - proposed for years as a tax on all international currency transactions (not implemented)
  5. Debt Forgiveness - currently the developing and least-developed countries use a large percentage of their resources to pay only the interest! on outstanding debts to the world's richest countries (largely unimplemented)

The need of all developing countries for external aid lies in large part with the effects of globalization and its accompanying free trade, which renders local products valueless because non-tariff imported goods are cheaper than their domestic counterparts. This makes any possibility of market-based trading impossible for developing countries and thereby leaves the locals impotent as markets foreign investment. In addition, many of their governments are either corrupt, unstable or both -- leaving the economy unstable, at best -- non-existent, at worst. And these issues have been worsened by the unstable world economy, beginning with the Asian crisis in the late '90s, which has diminished the concern of wealthy countries with the plight of the poor due to their own weakened economies.

It is no longer an option for the rich whether or not to participate in the economic liberation of the poorest-of-the-poor, for spiritual liberation can manifest only upon the heels of economic viability -- and spiritual liberation is the promise of the Aquarian Age. The poor must be liberated and this is possible only through the realization of the rich (nations, corporations and individuals) that liberation of the have-nots is, in large part, their responsibility!

The Tibetan teacher of the Ancient Wisdom tells us that responsibility is the first manifestation of soul contact -- and looking at the state of the 60+% of humanity living on less than $2 a day, it is obvious that the element of responsibility (and therefore of soul contact) is unacceptably lacking. This implies that the next major spiritual step for humanity is soul contact -- achievable through meditation which, finally, is directed control of energy -- itself a fitting approach to the issue of finance, for money is energy in its densest symbolic state. We hear, increasingly, the expression 'flow' of money. Doesn't this concept symbolize the slow decrystalization of this highly dense form of energy?

The lack of commitment at the Brussels Conference on Least Developed Countries can hopefully be rationalized by the fact that funding agents are focused on next year's far more extensive Conference on Financing for Development (scheduled for March 2002 in Mexico) -- a key focus of which will be to 'synthesize' activities of the Partners in this endeavor (the 'partners' being the public sector, private sector, national governments, NGOs, the United Nations and the Bretton Woods Institutions which are the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.) This gives those of us with some degree of proficiency in the 'directed control of energy', a singular opportunity to employ this ability and to "light the way" toward liberation of the poor through subjective support of the United Nations Conference on Financing for Development.

Please consider joining what will become a global wave of energy by the world's meditators -- including United Nations staff around the world -- to impact this endeavor through participation in the meditation. Please also consider copying and distributing it as widely as possible within your network.

Thank you.

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[1] Presented at the August 31, 2001 monthly meditation meeting in New York City: "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." The "Conference on Financing for Development" sponsored by the United Nations will take place from March 18 - 22, 2002. The intention of this Conference is to lift 60% of the world's population out of extreme poverty. You are invited to offer your subjective support to this endeavor. For further information, please contact Lynne Murguia at the following e-mail address:

[2] "Following retirement as a Spanish teacher in the New York City High School System, Lynne Murguia discovered the Grameen Bank, global role model for micro-credit -- small loans without collateral to service the poorest-of-the-poor. After training with Grameen in Bangladesh, she proceeded to create Lend International through which she initiates pilot micro-credit projects for small local NGOs around the world. She is currently an NGO representative for Servas International, affiliated with ECOSOC, where her interest remains elimination of poverty."

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